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After “You’ll Be Back,” she steps forward for the first time as a spy receiving a letter, only to have her neck snapped by a redcoat and become the first death of the revolution. However, unlike the rest of the ensemble, who return to the anonymous chorus until their next role, the Bullet never seems to leave that first moment behind. Her next appearance as a singular character is in “Stay Alive,” when she becomes the actual Bullet for the first time as she passes Hamilton by at the sound of the gunshot at the top of the song, and from that moment on, every second she is allowed the audience’s full or even partial attention, she becomes a harbinger of death. (Corde)

The ghost ensemble crowded around Hamilton mime being shot, emphasizing responsibility. “Who?” demand the circling ensemble lit in brown like the multiracial soldiers while Hamilton and Washington stand in the middle, brightly lit. Soldiers march and line up behind Hamilton then Washington. He orders his troops in their red and blue coats and thus is set apart from them as responsible commander. All this contrasts with the British in bright redcoats. Amid the powerful lyrics “And his right hand man,” Washington raises his sword. Hamilton’s rap style works especially well here as he barks orders. His troops semicircle around him singing, “I am not throwing away my shot.” Then as he raps more, the troops provide backup with dramatic gestures. Red lights echo shooting. Eliza stands on the balcony in a sage gown reading his letters as he recalls with a twist on meaning, “My Eliza’s expecting me/not only that, my Eliza’s expecting.” Thus he makes unorthodox plans:

We gotta go, gotta get the job done Gotta start a new nation, gotta meet my son! Take the bullets out your gun!